3 Feng Shui Tips for the New Year

Interesting times we’re living in! The Fire Rooster year is finally coming to an end on February 16th, when the more relaxed Earth Dog* takes over. Needless to say, it’s been an especially challenging year for those of us who are sensitive and concerned with the direction of our planet. Fortunately, several things support us […]

Feng Shui for the Holidays!

Even though the holidays fall during the time when the earth enters her dormant and quiet cycle, good Feng Shui helps us to harmonize this playful, active season with the natural cycle of peace and stillness. We can do this is by simplifying our traditions and activities and still keep the intention and quality of […]

Three Pre-Holiday Feng Shui Tips to Assure that Your Home is Filled with Joy & Vibrant Energy

Greetings Everyone! November is traditionally the beginning of the holiday season. Check out the following “Three Pre-Holiday Feng Shui Tips” to assure that your guests are greeted with vibrant energy and that your home is filled with joy, blessings, and holiday fun. Tour your entire home and lot. Pretend you’re a first-time a visitor. Whatever […]

Feng Shui & the Fall Cycle of Change

Feng Shui & the Fall Cycle of Change Early Fall is a time of natural transition, so it’s auspicious to make simple life adjustments now—including desired changes to your Feng Shui. From mid—September to mid-October we are in the period influenced by the Children/Creativity area of the Bagua, which is related to the Metal element. […]

Feng Shui & Your Personal Earth

August is closely associated with the Earth element. One of the qualities of this element is sweetness. In addition to our sense of taste, sweetness relates to savoring the sweetness of life. This special kind of sweetness lifts our spirits and helps us to increase our experience of love and well-being. This sweetness fills our […]

Feng Shui, Fame & the Fire Within

Feng Shui, Fame & the Fire Within As I was listening for guidance to choose a topic for this newsletter, I kept coming up with “Vision.” Since I’ve written so many articles on vision in the past from both a Feng Shui and a natural eyesight improvement * perspective, I fought the impulse at first. […]

Entrances & Your Pathway to Harmony

Entrances & Your Pathway to Harmony If you have known me for a while, you know that one of the main areas that I stress to enhance your Feng Shui is your front entrance and the pathway leading up to it. From a Feng Shui perspective, some important clues about what may be going on […]