Your Doors: What They Are Telling You About Your Life?

Late Summer Greetings! During the first part of this month, we’re still dominated by the Earth element. This is a great time to work on the most practical, down-to-earth things that need to be done in your home and life in general—especially anything that you’ve been putting off or needs to be redone. This is […]

Feng Shui & Relationships—Bedrooms First!

If you wish to create a new relationship or enhance an existing one, your home–and especially your bedroom–should be a peaceful and relaxing space that radiates love, sensuality, and conveys an air of sacredness. Ideally your bedroom is in the Relationship area of your home. Even if it’s not, Feng Shui considers it to be […]

5 Feng Shui Tips for a FAMEous Summer

July is the month we associate with the Fame area of the Bagua, the Fire element, red and other sizzling bright colors. Fame, which is located in the center back third of your home and yard, contains clues to how you’re known in the world, your self-image, and ultimately to the future that you’re creating […]

Feng Shui & Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the nine basic cures in Feng Shui used to solve both interior and exterior problems. They can magically adjust and improve the flow of energy by moving walls, drawing in positive energy, and deflecting negative energy. It’s important to always be clear about your intention and what’s being reflected whenever you […]

The Connection Between Feng Shui & Fitness

Albert Einstein once said, “ Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Of course, I am taking Einstein’s quote out of context for this article, but it fits with everything I know about both fitness and good Feng Shui. A main tenet of Feng Shui is to keep […]

7 Feng Shui Tips To Harness Your Wealth Flow

Last month I wrote about the Family area and mentioned its strong connection to your financial well-being. One reason is because our family of origin and early connections shaped our attitudes about money and wealth. With a solid foundation in the Family area, your enhancements to the Wealth area will be even more effective. The […]

Early Feng Shui Spring Fever & The Family Area

Spring Greetings! With the wonderful warm spell we’ve been experiencing in Colorado, you can imagine my excitement when I spied new bulb shoots on my walkway the other day. Although I know it’s just the early crocus and daffodils and that I shouldn’t make the mistake of planting in early May like I did last […]