3 Feng Shui Tips for the New Year

Interesting times we’re living in! The Fire Rooster year is finally coming to an end on February 16th, when the more relaxed Earth Dog* takes over. Needless to say, it’s been an especially challenging year for those of us who are sensitive and concerned with the direction of our planet.

Fortunately, several things support us in going a new direction. The water element is active until mid-February. This tells us that it’s time to go inward and focus on your goals through quiet visualization and letting your actions unfold organically between now and the Lunar New Year on February 16th. This is a good time to complete any Feng Shui enhancements that are incomplete—especially if they involve the Wealth or Career areas of the Bagua.

For those of you who also follow astrology or numerology, the Super moon on the on the 1st and the Universal 11/2 year, both support this more yin time to accomplish our dreams—especially as they relate to the awaking your intuition and/or bringing it to a new level.

2018 is also a year of change–especially involving your personal growth. Don’t resist. Let your intuition guide you. Think possibility for yourself and the world.

3 Feng Shui Tips to move you
comfortably into the New Year

1. Focus on completing needed enhancements or cures–especially in the Career and Wealth areas. Add the colors blue and purple or moving water. (I find it interesting that Pantone’s color for this year is Ultra-Violet. This magical color points to the larger picture and mystical forces beyond our present world. It opens possibilities for us both personally and for a more heart-focused and coherent world.)

2. If you add a fountain, make sure that the water is gently flowing inward toward you’re the spaces where you need the most nourishment. You can also use artwork depicting active water. Moving water will help you to release anything unwanted and assist you in bringing about needed changes.

3. Meditate, write, or symbolically draw any intuitive flashes that you have during this time. Place them in your Knowledge or Fame area.

  • The next newsletter will be about the upcoming Earth Dog Yr. Expect it around February 1st.

May the New Year Bless You with Inspiration & Possibility!

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