About Suzanne

Suzanne MetzgerFeng Shui Consulting Services is owned and operated by Suzanne Metzger, who works in partnership with her clients and students to facilitate personal growth and positive change within their lives.

She began her Feng Shui studies in 1988 with Seann Xenja and Grand Master Lin Yun and continues to advance her skill and knowledge with continuing education in various aspects and styles of Feng Shui and other related disciplines, such as bau-biology and creating healthy indoor environments.

She is especially interested in identifying and clearing harmful electro- magnetic energy, geopathic stress, and helping people to live as much as possible in a chemical-free environment.

Although she has studied in depth with many top Feng Shui leaders, she is especially grateful to have studied with the late Grand Master Lin Yun. She has been an active full-time practitioner in the human potential field and since 1979.

Her mission is to empower people in their personal growth and to assist them in creating openings for expanded possibilities that will support them in reaching their full potential.

Suzanne can be reached at (719) 260-7207