Your Doors: What They Are Telling You About Your Life?

Late Summer Greetings!

During the first part of this month, we’re still dominated by the Earth element. This is a great time to work on the most practical, down-to-earth things that need to be done in your home and life in general—especially anything that you’ve been putting off or needs to be redone.

This is also time for organizing, cleaning up, and clearing both internal and external clutter. Set future goals now, identify future actions and schedule them. Let go of anything that no longer works!

Later in the month, the Metal element becomes dominent. The Children/Creative area will be most affected and benefit most from your attention. I feel that if you’ve had your nose to the grindstone handling any “Earth” challenges during August the early part of this month, you will be blessed with a period where you can express your creativity. This can take many forms—depending on your current needs, personality, talents, and lifestyle

The Metal influence can assist you in maintaining any organizing and cleaning milestones you achieved earlier in the month.

Your Doors: What They Are Telling You About Your Life?

Your front door, as I’ve mentioned in previous newsletters, is the main access for opportunities to enter your life.

It should always be in good condition and used regularly BY YOU and your guests, as well. Ideally, you will use it daily. However, many Feng Shui consultants will advise you that once a week is enough. Whatever you choose to do, make it a habit of using it regularly. You can even add energy to your outward excusions by consciously affirming that you are increasing the chi of your entire home and inviting new opportunities each time you use it.

Other exterior doors, such as side, back, or garage doors represent indirect opportunities and also need to be in good working order.

Also, the main entrance to your home or office represents your public voice. Its condition represents your ability to communicate with people in the different areas of your life–such as your neighborhood, your work, social groups you’re involved with, or the community as a whole. In a business setting, it’s closely connected to career opportunities.

All of your doors are symbolic of your adult voice. If you feel that people don’t listen to you or really “get” what you’re trying to communicate, or if you have children who inappropriately dominate your household, check out the condition of all of your doors.

If you have an interior door that is not functioning properly, check out its Bagua location to see if it is an area of life where you lack power or wish to increase your power. For instance, if you have a door that doesn’t open easily in the Wealth area, it may be difficult to attract prosperity into your life.

Bedroom doors are especially important because they represent your personal voice. If your relationship feels “stuck”, make sure that your bedroom door opens and closes easily.

Anytime a door is missing between rooms–either because it’s been removed or it’s part of the building design–it may be affecting one or more family member’s ability to communicate about subjects related to the area of the Bagua where it’s located.

There are several ways to give an empty doorway a voice. The best solution, of course, is to install a door. However, that’s not always practical, so in this case, the simplest cure is to hang a crystal or chime in the doorway.

Squeaky hinges can be a problem. They may contribute to a household member’s achy joints or an arthritic condition corresponding to the body part related to the Bagua area where the offending hinges are located. For example, a creaking door in the Family area, may indicate that someone your household suffers from a knee or foot issue.

These noisy hinges can also relate to unresolved problems, fears, and worries. I have noticed that many people aren’t conscious of the noise. So, listen. If this is you, ask yourself if there are problems or fears that you are ignoring that you should address.

May your doorways open easily to abundant opportunities!

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Questions & Answers

Q: Recently we have been running into problems with things breaking down and trying to keep up with fixing them. In the last 5 weeks our garage door opener won’t stay fixed. We have replaced it 5x’s. The lights in my helpful people section will not stay working. I have replaced them 3x’s already and now I need to replace them again. Our car keeps breaking down with minor but very inconvenient repairs (like the starter). Our dishwasher keeps having problems. Most of the fixing has been with more new items. How can Feng Shui help to improve my situation?

A: As you’ve already exhausted all of the practical cures without success, I would suggest three things:

1) Since everything is symbolic, look at both the items that have that are broken and the area of the Bagua where it’s located. For instance, your garage door opener and your car relate to your ability to get around and to connect with others. It also connected to your career since you work outside of your home. The Starter is connected to your ability to self-start.

The dishwasher usually relates to health and and also your ability to keep your kitchen clean and uncluttered. If there’s anything going on with your health, see if there’s anything in the area of the Bagua related to the problem. Also, look at the Center of your apartment.

The lights in your Helpful People area relate to your Fame area. Ask yourself if the “angels” in your life are able to find you when your lights are out. In other words, have you neglected any of the helpful people in your life or do you need to communicate to any of them.

2) Look at the Center area of the Bagua of your apartment to make sure that it’s uncluttered and balanced

3) Look at the possibility of re-doing one of the personal cures that I’ve given you in the past. Call me if you need to review anything.


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