Entrances & Your Pathway to Harmony

Entrances & Your Pathway to Harmony

If you have known me for a while, you know that one of the main areas that I stress to enhance your Feng Shui is your front entrance and the pathway leading up to it.

From a Feng Shui perspective, some important clues about what may be going on in your life can start at the entrance to your lot. The path from there to your door is an indication of whether you’re able to easily draw in the energy needed to bring exceptional opportunities into your life. If the path doesn’t flow, you may be unconsciously blocking your success.

The ideal walkway is curved and meanders a bit. If it goes straight into your home, you may be bombarded with rushing energy. Try to soften it by gently directing the eye along several points along the path with planters or yard “art” to slow the energy.

Visitors should be able to easily locate your front door, so–especially if your lot is large–make sure that the path is clearly marked. Some ways to accomplish this is with plantings, lighting, and ant décor which points the way.

Trim back any overgrown plants and remove any toys or clutter that may be obstructing your path to the door. Also, remove or cutback all thorny bushes. Save those for your Fame area in the back of your lot.

I also recommend a chime, flag, or windsock near the front door for the purpose of giving your door a “voice” and to help guide the flow of opportunity into your life. Placing a wreath on the front door can accomplish a similar result

Simple Door Fixes That Will Invite Opportunity
• Your front door and porch should be fresh and clean. Sweep and/or hose it down regularly
• If your welcome mat is worn or unappealing, replace it.
• Check the door’s hardware. If it’s not in good shape, replace it.
• Make sure that your door opens easily and all the way. If it doesn’t, remove items blocking it both on the inside and on the porch itself,
• If it’s creaky, oil it. Check your doors inside too. Those creaky hinges can relate to arthritis and body stiffness in the area the bagua area where it’s located.
• Refresh the paint on your door. If it’s worn or cracking, what message is it sending?
• Place large colorful plants or décor on both sides of front door.
• Check to make sure that your porch lighting is in good working order.
• Add a fountain, if there’s room on your porch. It can also be placed in front of your home or in an area along the pathway to your home. Sometimes this is tricky because the water should be flowing inward toward your home.

If you have a larger property, it’s also ideal to have curving pathways throughout your land leading to the various spaces, which can open up to small theme gardens.

One of those spaces could be dedicated to creating a Children’s theme garden. Since many of our issues have their seeds in childhood, creating a childhood garden can have a therapeutic effect. Ideal placement areas for this type of garden would be the Children’s or Knowledge areas of your lot. However, any area will work

Other themes could be a Healing Garden, a Meditation Garden, or a Wealth Garden. Let your imagination run wild.

These gardens can also be done on a small scale in a container on your porch or inside.

May your Lifepath be gentle and nourishing!
© 6/2/17 • Suzanne Metzger • Feng Shui Consulting Services
Q & A
Q – It’s been over 10 years since I’ve had a romantic partner in my life and I don’t seem to have any prospects. How can I attract that special someone into my life?

A- You didn’t give me any information about your home, so my recommendations are general.

First of all, I always recommend that you start with your bedroom—even if it’s not in the main relationship area of your home.

Remove art with images of single people and replace them with images of loving couples, pairs of items, and romantic scenes.

Also remove photos of children, your parents, friends—and anything (including gifts) that reminds you of a past relationship.

Remove extra pillows and stuffed animals from your bed.

Make room for your future partner by removing excess clothing and clutter from your closet.

Good Luck! Let me know what happens.

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