Feng Shui & Clutter Revisited

Spring Greetings,

Spring is the time when the Wood element begins to gain strength. This is the season for growth and new beginnings. It’s also time to think about your garden and spring-cleaning–including clutter release. The article below points out a couple of things about clutter that you may have not thought about.

By the way, the topic of my talk for this year’s Pikes Peak HerbFest on May 6th is Using Your Feng Shui Garden to Create the Life You Love. (More info below). This will not only apply to your outdoor garden, but indoor placement of plants as well. 

Feng Shui & Clutter Revisited

Yes, even Feng Shui experts have clutter! And, Spring is the perfect time for all of us to revisit our stuff. We’ve all grown and changed over the last year. Along with life changes, it serves us to make changes in our home and rethink what to keep or release.

If you’ve been diligent about updating your Feng Shui, but feel stuck in an area of your life, look to see if you have a cluttered or stagnant area in your home. Remember to include your garage, basement, and attic areas. These areas can be connected to your ability to get around, your subconscious, and your relationship with your Higher Self.

It’s usually best to tackle one area at a time. Wherever you begin, look at–or otherwise review–each item or the contents of each storage box. Saving things that you will never use is a drain on both your physical and emotional energy. As you examine your things, notice whether your energy lifts or drops. If you experience a drop when you pick up or even think about an item, you can bet that it’s also draining a corresponding area of your life.

This may relate to the Bagua area where the items are located AND/OR the function of the area. For instance, if it’s in your kitchen, you may have an issue with your health or finances. If it’s located in the Relationship area, it may affect your relationship or female organs.

Oversized furniture, making it difficult to move easily around or through a space, is another type of clutter. Anytime anyone needs to turn sideways or awkwardly pull their body or energy inward to move through a tight space, you can bet that there is a restriction of the flow of chi in that area of your home. This, of course, also applies to piles of clutter, that you must step over.

Neat storage that you will never use or you’re saving to give to the “right” person can also be clutter. If you want to pass on special heirlooms to a young child, it might make sense to hold on to them for a while. However, make it a point to look at them and move them at least once a year. Even moving the contents will energize this type of storage to assure that the energy is not stagnant. Also, if appropriate, ask the intended benefactor if it’s something they really want.

Related to this, storing other people’s stuff is a big Feng Shui “no-no.” There may be exceptions like when a child is away at college, etc. However you should set a time limit and stick to it.

Overscheduling is also clutter. This is a hard one, but your general well-being is at stake. Prioritize your “to do” list and let your heart guide you in setting boundaries for yourself. Your schedule should allow you to stay in the present moment as much as possible, so that you don’t worry about getting to your next appointment on time or getting certain work done.

Realistically list the amount of time each activity will take. I did this recently and it made a huge difference in the flow of my life.

Many people store clothing in a larger or smaller size than they currently wear. Unless you’re actively working on getting a little extra meat on or off your bones, you may be sending the Universe the message that you’re not powerful enough to manage your weight.

I offer Clutter Clearing Empowerment coaching sessions at either your home or office and by phone. For more info, call me at 719-260-7207 or visit the services area on my website: http://www.fengshuiconsultingservices.net/clutter-clearing-empowerment-sessions/

Finally, bless your favorite charity or friends with anything you no longer use or need and know that you are creating space for fresh ideas and new experiences to bless your own life.

Good luck in bringing peace to your home through clutter clearing!


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Questions & Answers

Q: My home office is located in the front part of my home.

I have three large picture windows in my office facing my front yard. My desk is facing the center window, giving me a wonderful view of my front yard and anyone walking toward my front door. I know this is bad Feng Shui, but I don’t want to give up my view. The problem is the street is also partially in view and I feel exposed.

A. Thank you for your question and sending a sketch of your office, including your desk placement.

First of all, having your home office in the front of your home is an ideal business setting.

Unfortunately, your desk is not in a command position. So, although you have a wonderful view and can see people walking toward your front door, you can’t see anyone entering your office through your office door. When your back is exposed in this way over time, you are vulnerable and this can show up as stress or a feeling of being out of control.

That being said, since you’re reluctant to change, I suggest that you hang either a leaded crystal in each window or a leaded glass art piece in your center window. It doesn’t need to block the view of your yard in order to block energy from the street.

Then place a mirror on or near your desk to reflect your office door. It could also be hung in one of the windows as long as you can see the door.

Actually, my preference is to have you move your desk. The best placement would be to have your chair facing out from the East wall, near (but not in front of) the windows. Then place your desk in front of the chair. This way you will have a clear view of your garden, your front door and your office door.

Perhaps you could try this out for a week or two to see how it feels!


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Using Your Feng Shui Garden
to Create the Life You Love

Saturday, May 6th – 11 to 11:45 a.m.
At the Pikes Peak HerbFest

We will discuss the Bagua, the Five Elements and the ideal Feng Shui location for plants in your yard, along with indoor placement–and point out where there may be differences.

The HerbFest will be held at the
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however, the cost to get into the HerbFest is $3.00
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I hope to see you there!

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