Feng Shui & the Fall Cycle of Change

Feng Shui & the Fall Cycle of Change

Early Fall is a time of natural transition, so it’s auspicious to make simple life adjustments now—including desired changes to your Feng Shui.

From mid—September to mid-October we are in the period influenced by the Children/Creativity area of the Bagua, which is related to the Metal element. One of the attributes of Metal is a clean and organized space.

Feng Shui teaches us that everything around us, no matter how small, affects our well-being and is a reflection of our inner self. So cleaning and organizing even one thing that bothers you or is out of order will chip away at any stress you may have and help to bring balance to your life. Therefore, this is an ideal time to take baby steps toward fine-tuning your Feng Shui enhancements, releasing clutter and clearing your space. It’s also a great time to tackle any personal habits you wish to alter.

Habits take about a month to establish. So, this “Metal” time is perfect for setting your intention and focusing on either a personal habit not related to Feng Shui or an area in your home that is ready for a change and taking small actions toward doing that.

To kick-start the process, utilize any short amounts of time (like 2 minutes while you wait for a pot to boil) that you might normally waste to tackle tiny jobs related to your goal. Results from the focused use of these small snippets of time can rapidly multiply.

As we progress through this period of change, your real job is to focus on your personal growth and step up to your own challenges–which are a reflection of the planetary lessons that we’re learning collectively.

New Moons signal new beginnings. The Virgo New Moon this coming Tuesday, along with the influence of Metal, can give you a gentle push to get you started–so take at least one action now toward organizing, energizing or eliminating something that will improve your life!

May Autumn Blessings Fill Your Heart,
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