Feng Shui, Fame & the Fire Within

Feng Shui, Fame & the Fire Within

As I was listening for guidance to choose a topic for this newsletter, I kept coming up with “Vision.” Since I’ve written so many articles on vision in the past from both a Feng Shui and a natural eyesight improvement * perspective, I fought the impulse at first. However, I’ve been involved with metaphysics and the power of the mind for most of my life and realized that I should follow my intuitive guidance **.

Vision involves both how you see physically and your inner vision. Both are related to the Fame area of the Bagua ***. Your eyes and HOW you see, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally, influence how Fame plays out in your life.

Your “vision” of yourself, your future, how you view the world, and how others see you–or even how you think that they see you– are components of mental and emotional aspects of “vision,” and are all related to the Fame area. Your reputation, your impact on others, and your ability to create something entirely new in the future are also associated with Fame.

The physical sense of sight is immediate. It’s our most predominant sense. We perceive color and light before any other sense is activated. Color is absorbed through the skin–so even people with visual challenges react to color. This is one reason that the use of color and visual images placed in the Fame are so powerful.

It’s a well-known forensic fact that we each see the world differently. Variations in how we move our eyes, neck, and head, along with anomalies in the neural pathways from the brain to the eye and eye itself, influence what we see.

Light and bright color stimulate the part of your eye related to central vision and clarity of detail. Bright colors attract our attention and are easily seen, so use them in Fame when you wish to be seen and known.

Although red is most associated with Fame, it can be useful in other Bagua areas whenever an added spark of fire is needed or the Fire element is missing. For instance, adding a touch of red in Wealth can invigorate your financial life. In the Children/Creativity area, it can be the stimulus needed to get your creative juices moving.

Possible Adjustments to the Fame area
• Candles, the color red, bright lights, or items that are angularly shaped. Even an outdoor barbecue in the Fame area of your lot enhances Fame.
• Artwork, a treasure map, or any item which represents your goals or vision for your future.
• Diplomas, trophies, or awards
• Plants & brightly colored flowers

  • I taught natural eyesight improvement for many years along working with Brain Gym and hypnotherapy with individual clients.

** By the way, the type of intuition connected to the Fire element is like a flame that flickers on and off quickly, stressing the importance of mindfulness and catching those fleeting thoughts.

*** See The Bagua article and The Illustrated Bagua under Feng Shui Basics at my website: www.FengShuiConsultingServices.net for more info)

May light & color fill your spirit!
© 7/7/17 • Suzanne Metzger • Feng Shui Consulting Services
Q & A

Q – You’ve mentioned the relationship between our chakras and the Bagua in many of your newsletters. Please tell me what chakra is connected to the Relationship area.

A. Thank you for your question! The Relationship area is connected to the 4th Chakra–the Heart chakra.

That’s why I often recommend that addition of emerald green to this area when the physical heart needs healing or if there’s difficulty with the lungs or breathing.

Enhancing this area can also help you to open your heart and realize a sense of oneness with others and all life.

See my book, Color Power to Enhance Your Feng Shui, for more information on the relationship of Chakras to the Bagua. It’s available under Products on my website.

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