Feng Shui for Fido & Fifi

Spring Greetings Everyone!

It’s almost Spring– the period dominated by the Wood element. Green is sprouting up everywhere, crocus and daffodils are beginning to show their cheery blossoms, birds are beginning to nest, and the earth is awakening with new energy and life.

So, since most animals are related to both the Wood and Fire elements and the topic of pets and the precious chi they add to our lives has been on my mind, I decided to fall back on a previous newsletter (that I first sent out in 2007 and then again in 2012).

In December I adopted Gracie, an adorable, energetic rescue pup. Her fiery energy has turned my life upside down (in a good way), so it seems fitting to dedicate this newsletter to her and to the pets who are benefitting many of you.

This month’s Q & A section will review what to do with the ashes of a beloved pet (or other family member) after they have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


House pets—especially active animals like dogs, cats, fish, and birds—add positive energy to our living spaces. They are natural ch’i raisers.

A fully self-expressed pet definitely keeps your home’s energy moving! Not only because of their natural zest for life, but also because you are constantly moving energy as you feed, nurture, and play with them. This is true even for pets that sleep most of the day!

Even if your home is moderately cluttered, you can benefit from a pet’s presence because, in most cases, stagnant energy is being forced to move. 

Cats in particular are attracted to negative energy and high electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). They can often lead us to areas where EMFs and harmful geopathic energies should be measured and dealt with.

This can be tricky though. Even if your cat sleeps on your bed at night doesn’t mean that the energy is bad. Most of the time, it means that he loves you and wants to hang out next to you. However, if she is there most of the time, there MAY be a problem and it might be advisable to have it measured.

Dogs are not drawn to EMFs and negative energy. They usually prefer to be near you or nestled into something with your scent. If they have a choice, they will usually pick an area where they feel safe–either in the command position of a room, safely in a crate, under a table (preferably with a wall behind them), or perched in a window with a wide view.

Where to place pet related items

  • The Fame area is naturally related to most animals because of their innate affinity for the Fire element. This is especially true for most terriers and high-energy animals. The Family area, which is Wood, is also good.
  • Your dog’s bed and pictures or calendars showing animals are examples of things that have a natural affinity for the Fame or Family area.
  • Pictures of animals that are more aggressive and focused should be placed in the Wood areaespecially Family, and can also be placed in Helpful People.
  • A dog with an affinity to water, such as a lab, would not only be related to Fame and Family, but also to the watery areas of the Bagua like Wealth or Career.
  • A dachshund or other animals that are low to the ground exhibit the Earth element, which is found in Relationship and the Center.
  • Birds, frogs, and fish can be an asset to your Wealth and Career
  • Since many of us relate to our pets as children, feel free to place your dog or cat’s bed or toys in the Children’s
  • Food and water dishes can be auspiciously placed in the Wealth or Career areas, as long as they are kept clean and fresh.
  • The question of where kitty’s litter box should be placed often comes up for me during consultations. Whenever you have a choice, keep it in the front third of your home–preferably in Helpful People or Knowledge. Try to avoid Career. The main thing is to keep it as clean as possible.

May the love and beneficial chi of animals fill your heart and home!


© Suzanne Metzger • Feng Shui Consulting Services 2007, 2012 & 2017

 Questions & Answers

Q: An important Feng Shui question that I’ve been asked many times is “What do I do with my beloved pet’s (or another family member’s) ashes once they’ve crossed the Rainbow Bridge?


A: I never recommend keeping them in your home. However, you may place them temporarily in your Knowledge area until it’s convenient to scatter or place them in an appropriate area outdoors.


You can also bury them or scatter their ashes in the Knowledge area of your yard on your property. But, if you bury your pet, place its grave so that you won’t see it from inside of your home and make sure the ground is flattened out.


In other words, no mounds or obvious grave markers; though I personally like the idea of planting a garden there and adding a St. Francis statue or another symbol as a tribute.

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