Feng Shui for the Holidays!

Even though the holidays fall during the time when the earth enters her dormant and quiet cycle, good Feng Shui helps us to harmonize this playful, active season with the natural cycle of peace and stillness. We can do this is by simplifying our traditions and activities and still keep the intention and quality of connectedness and goodwill.
Ancient observances of this season’s religious holidays and the Winter Solstice are based upon rituals and ceremonies that integrate times of quietness, prayer, and blessing with happy occasions for connecting to others in a deep and meaningful way.

Feng Shui is always about balance, so here are four guidelines to help you make the most out of the season:

  1. More is not always better. Consider limiting your decorations to a few items. Don’t crowd your space. Leave plenty of room for everyone to move freely throughout your home, to eat comfortably, and converse easily. Put away knickknacks that aren’t related to the season. If you have a small home and lots of holiday decorations, rotate them from year to year rather than using them all at once. Even remove some furniture, if your home is small.
    Simple lighting creates a festive atmosphere, adds positive energy, and activates stagnant energy. It also mobilizes the eyes and contributes to the fire element.

  2. Red is especially popular during the holidays. It represents the Fire element, which in colder climates generally needs to be increased during winter months. However, use it sparingly if you are likely to become overwhelmed with your “to do” list or if you or your family are prone to anger outbursts.

  3. To invite opportunity into your space, pay particular attention to the décor of both the inside and outside of your main entrance. Keep it simple, uncluttered, and welcoming. For instance, a beautiful holiday wreath on your door can attract luck and opportunity.

  4. Decorating your home for the holidays can give your home a whole new look and feel. It’s similar to when we get a new hairdo. Something shifts inside. Since your home is a reflection of who you are, whenever you make simple changes around your home, you change, too!

Have a blessed and joyous holiday season!

© 12/14/17 • Suzanne Metzger • Feng Shui Consulting Services

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