A Feng Shui Look at Your Basement & the Inner Depths of Your Mind

Welcome to November & the Transition into Winter!

We usually think of November as the beginning of holiday celebration, rather than a time to focus on the basement. But, since the holidays bring up a lot of hidden subconscious energies, I decided to break with tradition this year.

Also, even though my own basement is fairly clean and organized, last week I dumped the contents of a trunk containing an inherited fur and other long forgotten “treasures.” That, folks, was major stagnant energy! Well, it took me less than 10 minutes to move the entire contents to my car and head directly to a consignment shop. Now I have the gift of an empty trunk and perhaps ultimately some cash. In any event, it’s all gone and I no longer need to hold on to the past memories associated with that stuff.

Feng Shui experts will tell you that the basement reflects your subconscious. Whatever is stored in your basement–garage, or shed, for that matter—holds energy for whatever area of life that storage represents. So, only keep and store items that you use and that are important to you.

Storage is okay. However, basements and other storage areas tend to be clutter magnets, which can quickly turn into stagnant energy; so it’s best to store only items that you love and that you may really have a future need for. Also, make a list so that you know what’s there and periodically review it.

An important rule is to not store things for others. If you do, make sure that there’s a time limit. I know that this is particularly hard for many parents of grown children. Just know that others’ storage after awhile begins to affect your well-being.

Basements and the subconscious mind are also connected with the Knowledge area. If you’re confused about what to keep, lack clarity, or feel stuck, pay attention to Knowledge. Meditate on or pray for clarity. Then place something there that to you is symbolic of a clear mind. This could be a book, an affirmation, a special crystal, or anything else that represents gaining clarity to you.

If your basement isn’t used for storage and instead is a major part of your living space, keep in mind that it still represents your subconscious.

Basements are very yin by their nature, so anyone occupying a bedroom or office there should balance that energy with lots of light and lively strong energy.

May the holidays bring you joy, gratitude, and clarity!


© 10/31/16 • Suzanne Metzger • Feng Shui Consulting Services

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