Feng Shui & Relationships—Bedrooms First!

If you wish to create a new relationship or enhance an existing one, your home–and especially your bedroom–should be a peaceful and relaxing space that radiates love, sensuality, and conveys an air of sacredness.

Ideally your bedroom is in the Relationship area of your home. Even if it’s not, Feng Shui considers it to be an important Relationship area and I suggest placing your focus on your bedroom before working on your main Relationship area.

Quick Fixes For The Bedroom

Remove all clutter. It’s extremely important to remember that the bedroom has only two purposes—relaxation and romance. Even piles of unread books on your nightstand or next to your bed are considered clutter. Limit yourself to one or two.

Keep your bedroom clean. Dust & vacuum often–including under your bed (unless you’re trying to conceive). Fresh air and a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for clearing old energy.

Have quality bedding. It’s best to keep pillows to a minimum and have an even number of pillows on your bed.

Think pairs when decorating your bedroom. Some suggestions are a picture of two doves (or other animals that mate for life), two hearts, two candles, or a vase with two flowers. Each person should have their own nightstand and lamp on their side of the bed.

If you’re single and wish to attract a mate, let the universe know that you are ready for a partner by providing an empty drawer and some space in the closet for him or her to place their belongings.

If you’re already in a committed relationship, have adequate space for each person to store their things.

Move the TV out of the bedroom. If you must have a TV in the bedroom, it’s best to cover it at night.

Aromatherapy Diffuse or spray Lavender, Vanilla or other sensual essential oils that you love to freshen your space

Décor. A loveseat or two chairs (rather than one) is a nice addition—but only if it doesn’t crowd the room.

Artwork should be romantic and sensual. A romantic picture of you and your partner is ideal.

If you are single, you can display a picture of you with a representation of your ideal mate (but always use a qualifying statement such as “this or something better”).

Anything left over from a previous relationship should be removed from your bedroom. Old beds are especially detrimental.

King-sized beds have two box springs and are considered divisive. To remedy this split, place a fitted red sheet between the box springs and the mattress.

Pictures of single people, children, your parents, or religious figures should be in rooms other than your bedroom.

Desks, computers, and exercise equipment represent work or activities outside of the bedroom’s function of rest and romance. Move them out! If they must reside in your bedroom, find a way to screen them off.

May all your relationships be blessed!


© 6/3/07 & 8/1/16 • Suzanne Metzger • Feng Shui Consulting Services

Questions & Answers

Q – We are getting a new roof and we would like to add a skylight in the kitchen and in our bedroom above our bed. I know that you’ve mentioned in the past that cutting through walls is like surgery on your home. What do you think about adding skylights?

A – Yes, you’re correct about this. In this case you will have energy leaking from two main areas related to health. The kitchen always relates to your health through nourishment and your body can lose vitality with the skylight above you as you sleep.

The two remedies that I recommend are (1) hanging a round leaded crystal in the well of each skylight (2) and placing colorful décor directly below the kitchen skylight to draw the energy downward. This can be done with flowers or anything colorful or attention grabbing that draws the energy downward.

Since we’ve worked together in the past, I understand your need for more light and I think the skylights will ultimately be a good thing.  

However, I also recommend that you have me back to energetically work on both of these areas and any other areas that may have changed since we last worked together.