Feng Shui, Relationships & Love

February is traditionally the time when we think about our relationships and love. Since I’ve written so much in the past about the Relationship area and bedroom Feng Shui, I thought I would write about how relationships are influenced by the entire Bagua.

If you missed the podcast link to my interview with Chef Stevie on Feng Shui in the Kitchen, included in my last newsletter on the Chinese New Year, and wish to listen to it, go here.

Feng Shui, Relationships & Love

Relationships take many forms. The common thread is that no matter what type of relationship you’re in, there is an energetic thread connecting everyone affected. Ultimately, I believe that these connections continue out beyond these individuals and meet at the edge of the universe in a magnificent, but tangled web, showing us that we’re all connected at some level.

Feng Shui teaches us that the space closest to us has the most profound influence on our life, but that also we’re influenced by everything else as it extends beyond our known space. Therefore, when there are problems in our neighborhood, our city, our country or anywhere else on our planet, we feel at least a subtle energetic connection. 

Current research measuring heart energy strongly indicate that there is an increase in positive human energy. This is in spite of the chaos we’re experiencing.

It appears that as more and more people meditate and practice various forms of mindfulness, that planet Earth’s energy is also rising to a higher, more positive, level to match the rise in human energy.

Each of the individual areas of the Bagua also influence the whole, so it’s important to look at the big picture rather than just one area.

Below are a few examples of these connections to jog your mind. Keep in mind this list is not complete and there’s actually an energetic collection between all of the areas—not just two or three.

For instance, we can see obvious connection between the Career area and the Fame area. Career, among other things, represents the watery beginning of life in our Mother’s womb, whereas Fame projects our future and the relationship between who we are as an individual and how we are known to others.

To go further with this, when we look at the Career, Center, and Fame areas together, we see the movement of time (past, present, & future).

Family is not only about our family of origin or the family we married into. It extends out to all of the groups we belong to. From there it extends into our local community and ultimately into the entire human family. Right now our national family is squabbling and we can clearly see the effect on the rest of the world.

Wealth has to do with the balance of inflow and outflow of all of our resources—not just money. The Wealth area is intimately connected to the Helpful People area and how we mutually share and use these resources.

The Relationship area influences all of our individual relationships. And, there is a strong connection between how we relate to all of the people in our life and the wisdom imparted through a balanced Knowledge area

The Children/Creativity area obviously relates to the kids in our life and the children of the world. It also has to do with our relationship with our own inner child and how we play the game of life. Do we have creative solutions to our problems—or do we bully to win. Here we can see the strong connection between Helpful People, Knowledge, and the Family areas.

As you can see, the connections go on and on, not only in all of our relationships, but in all of the important areas of life. What do you see?

May all of your Relationships expand in love & positive energy!


© 2/6/17 • Suzanne Metzger • Feng Shui Consulting Services

Questions & Answers

Q: We have a shed in the Relationship area of our backyard that contained only gardening supplies and implements until four years ago when we agreed to store things for our grown daughter. Since then my husband and I have began to argue and it seems to be getting worse in the past year.

Our daughter now has her own home and says she cannot take it because it would crowd her garage.

Could this be causing our problem?

A: Yes! It’s likely that there is a relationship between your daughter’s storage and your relationship with your husband.

I always advise clients who are storing another person’s things to have strong boundaries stating how long you will store their things and how much space they can use.

Your daughter’s storage is creating stagnant energy that hasn’t moved for four years. It’s likely that the storage you’re keeping for her is really junk that she really doesn’t need or want and that she just doesn’t want to deal with it. 

It’s also important that your shed be spacious enough for you to be able to easily get to your own things.

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