Feng Shui Tips to Attract Good Luck in the Year of the Fire Rooster

The Fire Rooster is about to make its grand entrance on January 28th, which is the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year. The Rooster represents the dawning of a new day and new beginnings. (Also, according to Western numerology, we are in a 1 year, so there’s an added boost for those of us who wish to create a fresh start in 2017.)

Since this is a yin year, you will be able to utilize the rooster’s analytical talents more easily, with more tact, and be able to use this picky little fellow’s natural critical tendency to your advantage. You will find this year’s Fire energy to be much softer than the crazy Yang Fire Monkey energy that we’re leaving behind.

The Rooster is more detail oriented than the playful Monkey of last year. Therefore, it’s important for each of us to soften our logical thinking at times to allow our intuition to flow freely. Carefully consider the wisdom of the guidance that you receive from within.

Tips to help you prepare for the Chinese New Year.

REMOVE, CLEAN AND RE-ENERGIZE FENG SHUI REMEDIES that you placed in the past. (and, only replace them if they are correct for you at the present time.) 

STOCK YOUR REFRIGERATOR AND PANTRY with non-perishable and fresh food that you love and will use. This sends a message of abundance to the Universe. Toss (or better yet, donate) food that is good, but that you know you will never eat.

CLEAN YOUR HOME especially the kitchen (Listen to the podcast below for more tips).

REFRESH YOUR PERSONAL ENERGY by spending some time before the New Year journaling, meditating, or doing other activities that will help you to set a positive direction for the new year.        

Personally, I’ve found it empowering to create a vision board and to set a theme for New Year. Last year, I honored the dominant Monkey energy and my own personal karma by choosing the theme of releasing and letting go. This year I’m focused on expanding my creativity and opening my heart.

Vision Boards, journals, and anything having to do with your personal goals or vision, go nicely in the Fame area of your home or the Fame area of an important room, like your bedroom or living room. Remember they don’t need to show to work their powerful magic.

HANDLE WHATEVER IS INCOMPLETE. This includes paying outstanding debts and/or communicating about broken agreements. ((If you keep having reoccurring bothersome thoughts about anything incomplete, take at least one baby step toward handling it before the New Year.)

DECLUTTER YOUR FRONT ENTRANCE both inside and out. The condition of your porch and foyer are connected to how many new opportunities you’re willing and able to invite into your life.

To bring more clarity into your life, CLEAN MIRRORS & WINDOWS.

BUY A NEW WALLET OR PURSE and fill it with money to attract prosperity. (Red is the most powerful color.)

To invite healthy chi into your home, REPLACE BURNT-OUT LIGHT BULBS. 


No matter what you’re doing on the 28th, wear

clothing you love, enjoy good food, friends & family,

and enjoy an auspicious beginning to the New Year!

* Listen to the podcast below for some kitchen tips.

May the Rooster bring you Fortunate Blessings & a Lucky New Year!


© 1/19/17 •Suzanne Metzger • Feng Shui Consulting Services


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