On Site Consultations for Homes & Businesses

Wealth • Enhanced Career Opportunities • Healthier Relationships • Improved Health • Positive Changes

A consultation will help you to create harmony and balance in any space where you live, work, or spend time. Although most consultations are done for homes, business establishments, and vacant land, they may be done on any type of property—including boats and recreation vehicles.

In addition to both mundane and transcendental Feng Shui, an on-site consultation can include EMF and geopathic stress screening, space clearing, and a blessing ceremony.

Results can include increased wealth, enhanced career opportunities, healthier relationships, improved health, and positive changes in other areas that are out of balance.

During a consultation, I examine the energy of your property, along with your personal ch’i and current goals. I then offer a variety of both mundane and transcendental adjustments to create a shift and harmonize the energy wherever needed. Space clearing or a blessing ceremony may also be recommended.

Residential Feng Shui considers the elemental makeup of all household members and harmonizes their strengths and weaknesses by balancing them with the five elements in the home.With large commercial and public spaces, emphasis is on a more general balancing of the property itself, with individualization for employees’ offices or cubicles whenever possible.

Preliminary EMF (electromagnetic field) screening and the assessment of geopathic stress are also offered as part of the consultation with particular attention to bedrooms. If these energies are interfering with sleep, I may recommend that you place your bed in a non-traditional position to remedy the situation.

Consultations can range in time from one hour for a small one-room office to several hours for a large home with acreage or a corporate setting.

Please phone me at 719-260-7207 for a time and price estimate.

Follow-up phone calls are encouraged after a consultation and are free of charge, unless they require an extraordinary amount of time involved or a return visit to the site.

Gift Certificates

If you have a friend or family member interested in Feng Shui, this might be the perfect birthday or holiday gift. For information, call Suzanne at 719-260-7207 or email her at SuzanneMetzger@earthlink.net