Preparing for the New Year

Preparing for the New Year

Welcome 2017!

You have two chances to welcome in the New Year. In the West, it’s traditionally time to review the present year, to notice what worked and what didn’t, and set your intentions for the following year.

The ritual of release and re-creation is important. Some of you will party to release the old and welcome in the New Year, while others of us will meditate, journal, or create a collage or vision board to powerfully create our 2017 goals. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do, but make your intentions conscious and follow-up with appropriate activities.

The Chinese Lunar New Year, which begins this year on January 28th, suggests specific activities to invite luck into your life. I’ll expand on this in an extra newsletter, which I’ll send out around mid-month.

A common thread between the two New Year’s is cleaning and clearing out the old. If you follow American Astrology, you also know that Mercury is retrograding until January 8th, and that this is a perfect time to clean, clear, ifcomplete past projects and goals, and to reaffirm and reenergize those you wish to keep. So, use this time to deliberately release, clear, and organize your life with a clear mental picture of what you want to create in 2017.

If there’s something that you’ve repeatedly been putting off, think about at least one specific action that will move it forward and that you can complete NOW. Perhaps it’s simply the action of scratching it off your list once and for all. If so, honor that and let it go. If you need to forgive yourself for not doing it, find a way to do that too.

FengShui-wise until mid-January we’re still heavily influenced by the Water element, which is important to both the Career and Wealth areas of the Bagua. Take time now to notice if you need to do something in either of those areas.


This is also an important time to pay attention to your water intake—especially if you have been indulging in dehydrating activities, food or drink.

Lastly, your feelings, are related to the Water element. When working with your goals for the following year, pay attention to whatever feelings come up. Deeply breathe in an image or symbol of each goal into your heart area. If it makes your heart “sing,” then remember this feeling and image whenever you think of your it or take an action on it. If you feel stress that you’re unable to release while doing this, perhaps it’s not a right goal for you at this time.

This doesn’t always mean you must give it up completely. You may instead need to take one or more small actions to move you into a more positive space with it. For example, if you experience fear around attaining a goal or feel that you don’t deserve it or can’t measure up to it, ask if there is one or more actions you need to take to move you closer to it. It’s helpful to remember that each goal is a step toward self-realization and part of the ongoing life process–not the final destination.

New Year’s Blessings!


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Questions & Answers

Q – I’ve have had a stubborn weight issue since the birth of my last child in 1993. I’m always dieting, but it doesn’t seem to help.

My doc warned me that my health is in jeopardy. I’ve tried everything. Please help!

A – Thank you for your question and for emailing your floor plans and pictures!

From looking at your pictures of how you enter your home, which is through your garage into your laundry room, without even considering the rest of your home, I can see that both areas are extremely cluttered and that you only have a small pathway to enter the rest of your home. Both areas are in the Helpful People area.

This alone tells me that the people you depend on for guidance may not be giving you the right advise. And, since part of your garage spills over into the Career area, you may not be able to clearly hear good advise when they are giving it.

Before going further, my advise is to first clear these two areas. It looks as though they haven’t been touched in years.

It would be helpful for you to hire a personal organizer. (I also offer Clutter Clearing Empowerment sessions by phone for $50/hr. You are only charged for the actual time spent. Let me know if you want more information.)

Whatever you decide, you need someone who will tell you the truth and encourage you to release everything you’re not using in those areas.

If your storage is valuable, a personal organizer who lives in your area will be able to coach you about where and how to consign these things. She will also tell you that the best thing you can do, is to let go of the rest.

Please contact me after you complete decluttering the garage and the laundry room. From there, I can advise you on other problems with your home that may be sabotaging your weight.

Good luck! I know this is difficult!

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