Private Coaching

Coaching sessions can be for either Personal Growth or Feng Shui. Often they are a combination of both–depending on your needs and interests, Sessions may be done by phone, in my office, or at a property location.

Coaching encourages accountability for the specific results you are trying to achieve. Although Feng Shui alone powerfully shifts energy, expands your possibilities, and creates openings that can dramatically alter your life experience, adding accountability for focused action can speed up your personal growth significantly.

Some of the areas that coaching can successfully address are self- confidence; the resistance to clearing clutter; a deepening of your spiritual practice; and the release of any personal blocks to success in the areas of relationship, financial well-being, and achieving your full potential.

There is no contract required & you may do as many sessions as you like.

Feng Shui Coaching: can include assistance with reading floor
-plans, analyzing ch’i, secret cures, a personalized and accelerated
 presentation of any workshop information you may be interested in, or working with the
 deeper teachings of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui coaching students include people with a limited Feng Shui background, people who have studied with other teachers, and Feng Shui consultants who wish to deepen their skills or obtain a second opinion on problem properties. Many students prefer to study privately as a way to increase their knowledge and ability to successfully Feng Shui their own home and to be able to assist friends or loved ones.

Because Feng Shui is an orally transmitted process, interested students are supported in going beyond the basic level found in books and other written materials and encouraged to incorporate advanced Feng Shui methods and teachings into their life.

Personal Coaching: is focused on self-actualization and ch’i cultivation through the application of a variety of personal growth tools. We concentrate on whatever you currently need to maximize your personal growth and determine what actions will help you to move your life forward.

I draw on my background as a personal growth counselor, a hypnotherapist, intuitive counselor, Brain Gym® instructor, and natural vision instructor to move you forward in the areas most important to you.