Three Pre-Holiday Feng Shui Tips to Assure that Your Home is Filled with Joy & Vibrant Energy

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November is traditionally the beginning of the holiday season. Check out the following “Three Pre-Holiday Feng Shui Tips” to assure that your guests are greeted with vibrant energy and that your home is filled with joy, blessings, and holiday fun.

  1. Tour your entire home and lot. Pretend you’re a first-time a visitor. Whatever you see will influence your guests’ impression of your home—and ultimately of you.

Take your time. Write down the impression and feeling or emotion that you experience as you move through each area of your home and garden. Make a list of anything that bothers you. If it’s possible and realistic, handle items on that list as soon as you’re able.

• Make sure that your eyes and the eyes of your visitors are drawn to items or areas that are pleasing and uplifting. Their eyes will go to anything that is out of place, doesn’t belong, or stops the flow of energy.

This includes clutter. If there are things that should be put away, start to do it now. Toss anything you no longer need or love.

• Handle deferred maintenance, including the winterizing of your landscape.

• From the street, your main entrance should be easy to find. If people are confused about where to enter your home, opportunity will also find it difficult to find you. Cut away overgrown shrubbery blocking your front door and make sure that your house numbers are easy to read and visible from the street.

If your entrance is difficult to locate, mark the path with lights, planters, or add a colorful flag or windsock near the door itself.

  1. As you approach your main entrance, make sure that both your porch and the area inside your door are clean and vibrant.

If the hardware on your door is worn or shabby, replace it. If the door itself needs attention, either apply a coat of paint or replace it.

Replace everyday items that have seen better days or that you don’t like including welcome mats, wreaths, or flags.

If guests usually come into your home through entrances other than the front door, pay extra attention to these entries, too.

  1. Replace burned-out light bulbs. Also, add or increase lighting to any dark corners of your home—especially if they are located in a part of the bagua that represents a problem area in your life. Adding light can bring clarity to those life situations and break up stagnant energy.

Next month I’ll focus on holiday décor to spice up your home’s Chi (or energy).

May November bring you joy, laughter, and blessings!

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                           Questions & Answers

Q In a past newsletter I recall that you mentioned that there is a correspondence between the areas of the Bagua and the Chakras and that you’ve written about this in your book. Can you tell me about the connection between 2nd (or Sacral) Chakra and the Bagua.

A – Thank you for your question! The 2nd Chakra is connected to the Family area of the Bagua.

Our birth family and/or the family that raised us are where we made our earliest social connections. As we mature, these connections extend out beyond the family to include other groups be belong to.

Whenever you have issues with your family or other groups you belong to, problems related to food or sex, or have difficulty feeling your emotions, enhance the Family area. Also add the color orange to the Bagua area (if it works) and include it in other parts of your life, such as your clothing and food.

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