Winter Wisdom with Feng Shui

For those of you who are expecting a Holiday letter, instead this year I’m posting a few Feng Shui holiday tips on my business Face Book page (Feng Shui Consulting Services-Suzanne Metzger)

As we move into Winter, the Bagua focus for the next few weeks is the Career area. Career is connected to the Water element and our path through life. Like Water, our life usually flows easily and occasionally hits an obstacle, forcing us to expand beyond comfortable boundaries. This happens individually and also collectively among groups of people.

If your current life path or your actual career is challenged, stagnant, or you’re feeling a strong need to make a change, bring more of the Water element into the Career area. Examples are artwork or décor related to actual Water or the colors of deep blue or black.

Since many changes have occurred here in the United States since my last newsletter and I’ve observed a widened division in my own circle of friends and groups that I belong to, I think it’s wise to address this through Feng Shui.

Whenever balance and acceptance are missing in our larger environment or our circumstances have changed unexpectedly, it’s good to look at the big picture. Healing really starts with each of us personally. When we as individuals are balanced, our influence ripples out to our community and beyond. In Feng Shui this means starting with your entire home. This is a good time to begin with your Career area and assess your path in life. From there, move to the Center area.

The Center is represented by the Yin/Yang symbol, a powerful symbol of balance and wholeness. Earth is the strongest element here. If it’s absent, add square or rectangular shapes, earthy colors, pottery and other décor that represents earth.

The Center’s influence travels beyond the Center itself. It influences all of the other areas of the Bagua and helps to bring grounding and harmony wherever it’s needed.

For instance, the Family area represents not only your close family, friends and groups that you’re connected to, but also the entire human family–extending out to all beings. This area is represented by the Wood element, which is nurtured by adding Water, which in Feng Shui represents all of your emotions. If negative emotions about the election or anything else are filling your heart, add the Water element here.

Self-care is also especially important now—both because of the holidays and what’s going on nationally. This can be enhanced through balancing the Knowledge and Fame areas.

The focus in Fame is always on YOU—your personal growth, your future and the future of the country as it relates to YOU. Posters, vision boards, or affirmations placed here will support your well-being.

Medium blue and symbols of wisdom are great enhancements to use in the Knowledge area to help bring you the wisdom and actual knowledge you need now to assist you in your journey forward. 

Also, your bedroom is important to your self-care. Honor this area as sacred. Keep your bedroom clutterfree and cover or remove everything not related to your well-being.

Wishing you perfect health, abundant blessings, and joy-filled holidays!


© 12/7/16 • Suzanne Metzger • Feng Shui Consulting Services

Questions & Answers

Q: We’re on a limited budget and don’t want to spend much on holiday decorations. What do you suggest?

A: You’ll benefit most by focusing your energy on your front porch. Your front porch and especially the door are the main mouth of chi—this is where luck and opportunity enter your life. A beautiful wreath alone will add energy to this area. It should be one that you love and will feel good about using in future years.

It’s important, for your well-being and your promise to yourself, to honor your budget. However, if you feel okay with this, any lighting around your front door or on your porch, in and around the shrubs near your front windows, or just inside your entrance, will even add even more energy.

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