Bagua Shapes


feng_shui_the_baguaMost buildings and lots are either basically square or rectangular–even if they have extensions or missing areas. This image illustrates how the Bagua is laid out in Feng Shui styles that align it with the front entrance. The front door is the main mouth of chi, which starts at the front door and is always in Knowledge, Career, or Helpful People. The other Bagua areas flow out from here. For example, as you’re facing inward from the front door, Wealth is always in the far left corner and the Relationship area is always in the far right corner.

If your property is not symmetrical, allowances must be made for missing areas and extensions.

To use: Hold the Bagua Shapes in front of you while facing inward from the entrance of your property.

You can download a copy of the Bagua Shapes here.